Burgh Island


Established in 1929, Burgh Island Hotel is an iconic landmark. Moored on its own tidal island, it is located just off the South Coast of Devon. The eco-friendly haven boasts tennis courts, a helipad and its own ‘mermaid pool’, attracting pleasure seekers worldwide.
Since establishment in 1929, a huge number of well-known guests visit Burgh Island for its privacy and exclusivity. Moreover, during her stay, Agatha Christie even wrote two of her books there. Eisenhower and Churchill also met there just before D-Day to allegedly agree the finishing touches to the invasion, which ultimately brought WW2 to a close.

We worked closely to provide the Hotel with a solution to their lack of internet connectivity.

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The Challenge

Due to Burgh being an Island, all services either come across, under or above the sea. Thus, presenting its unique challenges, be it transporting guests, supplies or utilities and of course communications. The lack of good communication services made the Island more remote, a challenge the owners were keen to remedy, despite the odds.
To put the unique challenges into context, the hotel has a sea tractor to sustain guest transport throughout varying tides from Devon’s South Coast.
Burgh Island needed internet connectivity services that were up to speed and cost effective. Unfortunately, most providers would not carry out such a complex and unique installation. However, Burgh Island’s largest shareholder’s business in London, exclusively use Voip Unlimited, and were aware of the competent track record for successfully installing communications to rural and secluded environments.

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Voip Unlimited successfully completed an over sea microwave connection, offering internet speed service no others locally can achieve. Despite the harsh environment, the work was completed seamlessly, and the clients did not need to worry about anything but providing access for Voip Unlimited engineers.
Voip Unlimited were able to provide an end to end solution without the need for other fitting suppliers to be involved. This now effectively allows the hotel to run much more smoothly, as communication issues are no longer a problem.

Burgh Island are now able to offer High speed internet free of charge to all its guests, along with providing their many overseas staff hassle-free connection to their family and friends for the first time. By being a Voip Unlimited customer, Burgh Island have the ability to offer an Internet speed service no others locally can achieve.

Burgh Island hotel internet speed map

Voip Unlimited is a current supplier to our largest shareholder’s business in London, their track record with them meant the decision to choose them as a provider was very easy. The project was made painless and the specialists at Voip are lovely people too. With great communication, efficiency and having a service that just works, hassle-free, Voip Unlimited will be doing all of our internet and wifi work as we expand our business in the future. I simply can no longer imagine being without the service, it would be like going back to the dark ages!”

-Duncan Gray, Managing Director, Burgh Island Limited