North Lanarkshire based Estate Agent Your Move McLaughlin needed an effective phone system solution for their new office in Bellshill.

The business already had three other offices and had historically based their main communications system around ISDN2 technology. After being briefed on the alternatives to traditional telephony, namely SIP trunks, from Your Move McLaughlin’s IT support company it was decided that the new office would be a test site. For 100% SIP.

Your Move McLaughlin could clearly see the cost saving benefits against ISDN2 installations and rentals and could see increased savings should the solution be rolled out to their other offices. Further cost savings were identified at an early stage due to the fact that the new office did not require new cabling. The existing cable infrastructure was sufficient to support both voice and data.


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The Solution:

A Cisco UC320 IPPBX was installed within the business with 4 x Cisco SPA-504 handsets. The business was provided a SIP trunk with 10 new VoIP DDIs from VoIP Unlimited, along with a PSTN and secure broadband circuit which were provided simultaneously, reducing rollout lead times.

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The Benefits:

Your Move McLaughlin has the benefit of multiple concurrent calls without the associated multi-line rental fees.
They retain a single FXO port for resilience, being able to divert inbound calls at ITSP level should they have connectivity problems locally.
The bandwidth on the secure ADSL service used to make calls is free from external influences and provides an additional layer of security by only being visible to the Voip Unlimited core network.


Alan Cameron from Cameron IT Solutions stated:

The main reason we deploy the UC320 is its ease of rollout and ongoing manageability. It works straight out of the box. We also like the fact that the product is so well supported from a large organisation with an excellent brand.

Marc McLaughlin from Your Move McLaughlin commented:

The telephony solution provides my business with increased flexibility across multiple branches. Implementation was painless and the call quality is excellent .”