Kerry Taylor Auctions, used Voip Unlimited’s SIP Trunks telephony service for an important auction: Kate Middleton’s University dress

The see-through dress worn by Kate Middleton at a fashion show when she was a student at St Andrews University was being auctioned in central London. With bids hitting upwards of £70,000 it was vital the telecommunications set up was 100% reliable.

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The Brief:

Kerry Taylor Auctions needed to be able to increase the capacity of their telephony service and be able to burst the number of concurrent calls made and received during auctions held at different temporary locations across London

Kerry Taylor Auctions had a single PSTN line for the business. This restricted the number of voice channels and provided no flexibility when conducting auctions away from the office.

During auctions, telephone bids were submitted via mobile phones which resulted in high call charges to the business.

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The Solution:

An Epygi 4X IPPBX was installed within the business with 8 Snom 320 handsets. The business’s main phone number was ported into Voip Unlimited.

A local network was set up and is now supported by a Channel Partner of Voip Unlimited’s.

The Benefits:

Kerry Taylor Auctions now have unlimited SIP channels rather than a single line, ideal for telephone auctions with call capacity as and when required.
The company conducts its auctions in different temporary venues around the capital. As the main telephone number now resides within “the cloud” the business is able to make and receive calls from any location and still use their main number.

Outbound SIP calls are substantially cheaper than outbound mobile calls, significantly lowering the company’s communication overheads.
The IPPBX allows the business to burst up to 30 extensions as required. This along with the unlimited SIP channels offered by Voip Unlimited for a low flat monthly fee provides the flexibility and capacity, on demand, which is business critical for Kerry Taylor Auctions.