Formed in 1860, Lambrook School provides children at Primary level with a high quality education.


The school is located near Ascot in Berkshire and has been a customer of Voip Unlimited since 2006, traditionally purchasing broadband services and ISDN30 lines and calls. In early 2013 the school embraced the idea of adopting new breeds of IP products such as fibre Ethernet and SIP trunks.

There were several catalysts for making the change, one being the general reduction in the pricing for fixed fibre circuits. Another was the School’s internet access usage which was increasing year on year. The current provision for broadband just wasn’t going to meet the requirement moving forward in either speed or reliability. More bandwidth was needed immediately with an option to flex up to meet future demand. The School’s phone system was also old and expensive to maintain and it did not provide the level of features expected of a modern day PBX.

The Solution:

Voip Unlimited deployed a 20Mb Ethernet fibre circuit to the main campus on a 100Mb bearer. This circuit can flex up as demand increases and comes with a 24/7 Service Level Guarantee on repair and performance. The School incurred costs when their legacy PBX needed modifications and maintenance charges were high, so a new SIP compliant PBX was deployed across the estate. Based on the Asterisk variant – Elastix, the new PBX is managed 100% in-house and works seamlessly with the Voip Unlimited SIP trunks.

All numbers on the ISDN30 circuit were ported into Voip Unlimited with inbound calls delivered as SIP trunks from the Voip Unlimited core network. All Voip calls are QoS tagged, giving priority over any data traffic on the circuit. Lambrook enjoy the improved flexibility of calls delivered via SIP:

Emergency inbound call diverting in real time

Increased outbound and inbound channel capacity on demand

The addition of International virtual phone numbers when required.

Lambrook School could demonstrate a very good return on investing in SIP over Ethernet. Not only did the ISDN30 line rentals disappear when the numbers ported, the savings on calls increased, helping to offset the cost of the Ethernet circuit. By consolidating the cost savings from the ISDN30 and PSTN line rentals, along with the subsequent redundant broadband and reduced call charges, the communications budget balanced out, with the School obtaining significantly increased value against spend.

The Benefits:
Lambrook has significantly more bandwidth than they had over broadband technology. This allows quality video calls to the families of the many International students .

The school had accumulated many overhead BT cables over the years that needed removing. The Ethernet circuit was installed via a purpose-built underground duct, so the school now knows that all existing overhead cables can be cut without affecting the telephony service.

Handsets are deployed easier across the network with the new SIP PBX and management has been simplified with no dependence on outside parties. These benefits leverages the existing investments into the schools high speed LAN.

“Voip Unlimited oversaw the installation of our new fibre Ethernet circuit. Their provisioning team sent us an update at every stage of the delivery, keeping us fully informed on the delivery progress. Within minutes of our line going live, a member of their technical support team called to confirm we were able to use the circuit.”

“We’re delighted with the service, efficiency and knowledge at Voip Unlimited and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to others.”

  • Lambrook School’s IT Manager, Tim O’Driscoll

The Future:

Lambrook plan to upgrade the contracted circuit bandwidth, allowing the school to build its own cloud service and host it in-house.

“The Ethernet circuit and SIP trunks have opened up a whole new area for us to expand into.”