Rotherham based letting agency Signature Real Estate, needed to enhance the flexibility of their Communications Setup.

The business operated 3 x ISDN2 circuits but these lines were either under utilised when quiet or didn’t provide enough capacity when busy.

Signature Real Estate needed more line capacity and required the ability to advertise London numbers in the London area, an important region for attracting potential investors in property located in the North West of England.

The business operated three different companies from the premises and wanted their phone system to handle all the calls for all the businesses.

With plans to expand the operations, the company required a more flexible platform moving forward.

The Solution:

Voip Unlimited channel partner, IT Wireless (UK) installed an Asterisk Open-Source phone system on the customer’s site. Signature Real Estate’s phone numbers were configured to the Asterisk device via a single SIP trunk, having first ported them in from BT. VoIP Unlimited provided the copper lines and broadband circuits, backhauling the call traffic to the VoIP core network and out to the traditional, VoIP and mobile operators IT Wireless UK configured the ADSL router and firewall to give priority to the voice traffic so call quality was ring fenced.

The Benefits:

Signature Real Estate now enjoy a flat low monthly service charge, independent of the number of concurrent calls required. They can advertise any phone number from any area code in the UK. All calls to their operating businesses can be handled on a single device, with advanced call handling features. Staff can easily work from home, overcoming issues with bad weather and allowing flexibility in staff operations. A recent office relocation proved seamless as the box was simply picked up from one location and reconnected into the new one with no service disruption to either the business or their customers.

Thanks to Voip Unlimited and IT Wireless (UK) Limited, we experienced a smooth transition and with operations in full swing during our office relocation. On top of which the service has given us 100% more flexibility and no longer restricts or limits staff to a single place of work.