Fibre Ethernet and EFM over MPLS

Established in 1972, Iracroft are specialists in the manufacture of Rigid Tube Assemblies. The Dorset based business operates from two locations about 30 minutes drive from each other in Blandford (HQ) and Poole (dispatch centre).


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The Brief

For five years Iracroft relied on a dedicated 256k point to point link between sites, responsible for delivering large, bandwidth hungry CAD drawings held on servers at HQ to the dispatch centre in Poole. Internet access was delivered via ADSL Max broadband at both sites and was used to order raw materials from the company’s suppliers, access emails and provide general browsing requirements.

The user experience between sites was often very poor, sometimes taking four minutes to load a single page. It proved quicker and easier to print off the files and get the delivery drivers to hand them to the dispatch centre manually! ADSL performance was variable, based on the HQ being located rurally with any circuit problems having a real negative impact on the business e.g. web sites would often hang half way through an order causing frustration for staff and potential delays to fulfilling customer orders.

The business needed a fast, reliable network connection between sites, in preparation for the implementation of a new ERP software system. It had to provide efficient document file transfer along with high availability internet access. The Blandford and Poole offices needed to be able to work independently should either location go offline.


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The Solution

Voip Unlimited provided an uncontended 10Mb fibre Ethernet service at HQ and a 2Mb EFM service at the remote office. Both circuits were delivered over VoIP Unlimited’s MPLS core, providing a fast, secure WAN with independent internet breakout.

Iracroft’s IT support partner provided a managed firewall and content filtering system at the MPLS edge, hosted within Voip Unlimited’s London data centre at Telehouse.

The Benefits

We now have scalable bandwidth options, future proofing our requirementsStaff can now reliably access third party online platforms and internal file transfers are lightning fast. The remote site in Poole can operate independently from HQ in regards to web access, maximising the effectiveness of our hosted Exchange service and I don’t have any VPN/firewall devices to manage locally, resulting in less hardware and cables in the server cabinets.

  • Dave Kennan, Iracroft’s IT Manager. “