Southampton Seafarers connect over Voip Unlimited’s Fibre connectivity.

The Summer of 2012 saw the commencement and completion of an extensive Wi-Fi project at Southampton docks, providing high grade internet access for seafarers working in the cruise industry.

Southampton based technology company and Voip Unlimited channel partner, Net Primates, installed multiple Ruckus Wi-Fi access points along the cruise liner berthing areas and cruise terminals for International mobile service provider iVitta.

iVitta provides seafarers with mobile SIM cards and cheap Internet access so they can keep in contact with home in a convenient and cost-effective way.

The Solution:

Voip Unlimited backhauled the Internet access over a dedicated 100Mb Fibre Ethernet circuit transiting Voip Unlimited’s core network, linking the two main berthing areas with 100Mb Ethernet Access Direct circuits from BT Openreach.


The Benefits:

Prior to the rollout of the service, seafarers would have to leave the ship and look for an internet café in Southampton to contact home. They can now access a reliable Internet service from the comfort and convenience of their cabins using smartphones, tablets or laptops.