IP Telephony proves a healthy choice for Dental Practices

Genesis Dental Care currently runs twelve dental practices committed to providing first class NHS and independent dentistry to local communities in the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Humberside, South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire areas.

The business needed a complete overhaul of their IT and telecommunications infrastructure as it was aging and not delivering the efficiencies required. Genesis operated a mix of phone systems from different vendors with calls made between offices over ISDN2, Multiline and single PSTN lines being charged at standard call rates. The business was losing inbound calls from patients due to no call queuing or voice mail option and lack of available line capacity. It also needed an effective way of calling individuals across all practices with a shared dial plan. Adriaan van Wyk from Cloud Boffins stated “From the outset it was clear that migrating these practices’ entire IT and telephony infrastructure would require very careful planning and an in-depth knowledge of their day-to-day operations. We took the time to ensure this was achieved, and as a result the majority of practices experienced zero downtime during the migration period.”

“The business was losing inbound calls from patients”

The Solution:

Genesis’ IT maintenance provider Cloud Boffins installed a Windows based 3CX IPPBX system at each practice which provides users access to features such as IVR, Call Queuing, voicemail to email and a standardised shared phone book for quick dialling access.

After a successful three month SIP trunk pilot at HQ, leading SIP trunk provider – Voip Unlimited issued SIP trunks and ten new geographic DDIs to each of the twelve practices, providing direct dial numbers to all users who needed them. Geographic telephone numbers were ported onto the VoIP Unlimited platform from BT lines, so inbound calls could be delivered to the PBX via the SIP trunk.
Genesis makes the majority of their calls to other practices in the group, with the issuing of new SIP DDIs all calls between all users on the Voip Unlimited network are now free of charge, even if the entire number is dialled.

Cloud Boffins ensured all practices were serviced with two broadband circuits from different providers to allow for some redundancy at ISP level, along with two PSTN lines, interfaced directly to the 3CX system, providing PSTN life line backup for the telephony service.

Genesis also enjoy anti-fraud protection on calls made over the SIP trunks. Voip Unlimited’s automated systems monitor all outbound calls for known fraudulent traffic patterns and black listed destinations in real time 24/7.

The Benefits:

Historically patients would struggle to get through to their practice due to the old phone system not providing a call queuing function and the limited capacity on the fixed lines used by those practices. Patients can now be managed via a call queuing system at busy periods with no line capacity issues resulting in engaged tones and can leave messages outside of office hours.

Genesis Dental can now make calls between all sites completely free of charge as all calls “on-net” are free within the Voip Unlimited network. The business now has access to a whole host of features which will improve the management of patients when contacting the practices. The SIP Licence provided by Voip Unlimited provides for “unlimited” channels at a very low fixed monthly fee. Call capacity is expanded without the associated costs of installing additional expensive and limiting fixed phone lines.

“Having received help and advice from Cloud Boffins on previous occasions, we were confident to appoint them to implement the new highly recommended 3CX and Voip Unlimited solution. It has helped us address the difficulties that patients had in contacting our practices at busy periods and at a significantly lower cost that the quotations received from alternative solutions providers”

Dr John Skelton of Genesis.

The future:

The business currently uses mapped 0845 inbound numbers to the SIP trunks, but these will be phased out gradually and the geographic numbers will be used. Many inbound ISDN2 and Multiline circuits have been ceased, reducing the fixed line charges for the business.