A wayleave is the written permission of the land/property owner to install network cabling on their site.
Suppliers are bound by UK law to obtain this permission BEFORE starting any work or extending any existing network.

Unfortunately, until the wayleave is approved, the ORDER CANNOT PROGRESS which could result in a delay to the expected install date. To minimise the delay as much as possible, each suppliers wayleave team will be working directly with the landlord or the landlords legal representation. Whilst we are unable to escalate orders during a wayleave, Voip Unlimited will endeavour to apply pressure through the suppliers customer service plan if updates are not being received in a timely manner, however in our experience more results are achieved when the tenant applies pressure directly to the landlord.

The suppliers will either receive a wayleave approval from the landlord or a wayleave rejection. This can take several weeks depending on the response from your landlord. However, we commit to sending you an update about the status of this every 12 working days and confirmation when the wayleave is approved.
Please note, the wayleave doesn’t permit all future works as it only refers to the route planned for this installation. If further work is needed, then a new wayleave would have to be arranged.