Mark Managing Director

Mark is the entrepreneurial force behind Voip Unlimited and nurtures the technology and Channel side of the multi-million-pound business. With a background in avionics and Aviation IT, Mark is a renowned perfectionist when it comes to building technology infrastructure that works. Exceptional technical skills, high business acumen and a unique insight into what the industry future holds, helps Mark ensure the future is bright for the fast-growing company and its customers & partners, ahead of the curve.

For Mark, technology should be an enabler, and nothing but exceptional. With substantial knowledge of the industry and technology under his belt, Mark realised with his trustworthy reputation and solid connections he had gained in the industry as an IT Manager, he could finally utilise his extended talent and create his flagship business. He founded Voip Unlimited on the basis of honouring what he believed to hold the most valuable assets of an ITSP and a new kind of business model – market challengers.

Mark and his co-founder Adrian built their values on challenging the industry standards of product and service quality, technical knowledge & resilience, communication, project management, and innovation. So far their portfolio of clients suggests they are doing a pretty good job!

When Mark is not operating at 100mph at Voip Unlimited’s HQ, he spends his rare free time racing his son on a karting track or designing and building home automation systems, before kicking back with his family and two Main Coon cats.