The last few weeks Voip Unlimited have once again been on a mission to find businesses in Dorset forging the gap between education and professional work, so they can be recognised in this year’s DBAs. Following a rigorous judging process, this week the finalists were officially announced. Competition was especially hard this year with a huge amount of entries flooding in, the judges had a tough job of meeting with a shortlist before making a decision on the three finalists.

At Voip Unlimited, we believe that long term we must look to the next generation of local talent, this will not only benefit the long term economy but encourage students to consider investing in new skills and offer a wider spectrum of opportunity.  Not all talents fit in to typical education curriculums and there are so many hidden talents which need uncovering. Voip Unlimited are dedicated to recognising those businesses & schools who are going above and beyond to reach out and connect those who could thrive in potentially more niche industries.

The competition was very high this year and so we would like to congratulate all that entered, the work that so many businesses in Dorset are doing to advocate change is fantastic. We would like to congratulate our three finalists, The Honest Agency, Ultra Electronics and Marsham Court Hotel!

Voip Unlimited are dedicated to recognising those businesses & schools who are going above and beyond

Chris Ryu, The Honest Agency:

We’re proud to have education at the heart of our business. The skills needed in the workplace today are very different from what they were 10 years ago and teachers are often having to learn new technical skills at the same time as the students. It makes so much sense for social enterprises like us to support schools with these topics and our team gets a lot back from it too. I’m delighted to share the same vision as Voip Unlimited – sponsors of this category, who clearly recognise the benefits of engaging with education.”

Marsham Court Hotel:

“As hoteliers we are committed to our engagement with education and providing opportunities for young people – whatever their background or academic level – to reach their full potential. Voip Unlimited have been an inspiring sponsor and we have already implemented additional activities to engage with students at a younger age. Their dedication to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders makes them the perfect sponsor for this category’.”

Ultra Electronics:

“As a Company we recognise that skills are the life blood of our business and understand the benefits of investment in the skills agenda, ensuring that the next generation is capable of meeting our requirements. We are passionate about engaging with education ensuring that students and educators are aware of career opportunities. Championing STEM subjects is part of our strategic plan and we deeply believe in promoting the connection between the classroom and the wider world, a belief we are proud to share with the award sponsors Voip Unlimited. Local business must invest in developing our local talent in order to grow our capability and offer greater opportunities for students in Dorset.”