Along with the swift advancements of technology, comes the need for fast and effective broadband speed. With today’s economy more dependent on connectivity and innovation to survive and succeed, providing homes & businesses with high speed internet is crucial to allow them to operate efficiently. So why, according to the 2018 Ofcom Study published in May, is the average download speed in in rural areas 18.3Mbps in comparison to 49.4Mbps in urban areas?

Well, there is still an extreme lack of access. This basically means the capable standard of fibre or copper is not physically laid in the ground. Which isn’t surprising, but nonetheless the consequences reach a frustrating point – where children are unable to do homework at home and rely on school resources to complete. In 2019, we would think this wouldn’t still be an issue, so slowly more ISP’s are considering other means to get the connectivity to previously isolated areas.

Our Airwave Solution

However, it isn’t all lost for stunted communities. We previously worked with the residents of Kimmeridge, a small village on the Jurassic coast of Dorset, to provide them with super-fast broadband connections. Thanks to our Airwave product, the rural village of Kimmeridge can now take full advantage of the connectivity with customers on the network receiving 50Mbps compared to the 200Kpbs (0.2Mbps = 250x slower) they inherently had before. Additionally, due to our highly successful award-winning product, the BBC contacted us to do a cover story on the Airwave solution. This meant we were able to spread more recognition to the fact that advanced broadband networks are essential for economic development.

At no hidden costs our Airwave product provides speeds of up to 50Mbps without the hassle of phone or cable lines. Existing customers even received a Christmas present from Voip Unlimited where we doubled their internet usage allowance free of charge just as a thank you for their continued business with us. Customers also benefited from complimentary Routers on renewal, as featured in the gadget show, with clients getting months and months free as a result of referring their neighbours.

We hope that establishments like the BBC and shining a light on remote Broadband installations will prompt more ITSP’s to broaden their services and make innovation work for the more rural areas.