This year, Voip Unlimited the leading provider in VoIP services and data connectivity, once again proved network, engineering and installation excellence by deploying Airwave, a superfast wireless network across the previously isolated village of Kimmeridge and surrounding areas.

The village now benefits from 50 times faster connectivity. To put that into perspective, the difference in internet speed means an Airwave customer can now download a full TV episode in under 3 minutes rather than over 35 hours.

The residents are signing up at lightning speed and with easily accessible installs supplemented by Dorset County Council to make the opportunity even more cost effective, the village is becoming less isolated by the minute.

The small rural village on the Jurassic coast of Dorset is a tourist attraction for many reasons but certainly not its communications infrastructure. With residents coming together to improve the area’s connectivity, Voip Unlimited were approached for its resilient private network and its sister company M2 Networks’ reputation for innovative installs.

Voip’s expert engineers created a wireless network design by utilizing Portland harbour which had a direct line of sight to one of the highest points in Kimmeridge. A plan was quickly devised to run 2km of private fibre across Portland and connect this to a licensed microwave link which could span the bay to a newly installed mast. By over engineering the project and adding two antennas on the mast, the connection had dual resiliency, meaning services were 100% reliable once live.

Amongst legislative hurdles, geographical limitations to protect Special Scientific Interest zones and other mandatory requirements including the observation of an archaeologist, Voip Unlimited engineers deployed the installation of the mast in torrential weather conditions and even completed deployment in the face of Hurricane Imogen!

The village now benefits from 50 times faster connectivity


Mark Pillow, MD of Voip Unlimited:

“Taking on the full overheads of this project was a big decision for me to make, but the challenge & life changing results for the residents was just too appealing. The amount of customers we now have in the area has already reduced my prediction on a rather long return on investment. I am glad to have removed this extremely frustrating barrier for Kimmeridge residents and am extremely proud of our solution despite all the barriers which would have most likely stopped most companies from deployment completion.”