As technology becomes more and more a part of everyday life, businesses use innovative new ideas to improve their effectiveness and hold their own against competitors in today’s challenging markets. Here at Voip Unlimited, we ensure we provide seamless connectivity solutions to our clients.  This allows them to use advanced technology to benefit their working day, whether this is using our telephony platform to provide their organisation with a “global presence” or using our world-class MPLS platform to allow for real-time sensitive data transactions.

Services that are becoming increasingly popular are SIP Trunk and Microsoft Lync ® trunks; which significantly reduce call spend as well as allowing increased flexibility in company and staff locations. Alongside this, companies are also upgrading their connectivity from standard broadband to higher grade leased lines such as Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) and Fibre to ensure that they can take advantage of newer, faster ways of working.

Another key area in which technology has made a dramatic improvement to our working lives is its ability to enable staff to work flexibly. An example of this is when we are hit with extreme weather making commuting to work difficult.

Our Voip Unlimited flood recovery package allows firms to have continuous communication during a disaster. Calls are re-directed from the business’s existing numbers to a virtual Voip Unlimited number which is automatically re-routed via any internet connection to a VoIP setup. This means a business’ telecommunications can be moved to any internet enabled location at any time.

With Voip Unlimited’s ability to provide new numbers in seconds, firms can be up and running within hours to guarantee downtime and loss of revenue in a crisis is reduced.

Organisations that have embraced technology and moved forward with VoIP find they can implement home working contingency plans, ensuring they are able to continue operating as normal. In these scenarios members of staff can log into their email remotely through VPNs and make receive calls using their VoIP handsets or soft clients.

So not only do VoIP services allow businesses to continue to trade in difficult circumstances, reducing any negative impact, but all of these solutions are designed to make a business leaner and more effective in dealing with their clients both internally and externally on an everyday basis.