Following a year-long partnership to ensure optimum installation across our private IP Network, servicing thousands of channel partners and customers, our DDoS Mitigation service, ‘VU Guard’ is being snapped up, (we think its about time companies protect themselves and so are honouring a half price offer to beat the cybercriminals!)

VU Guard is a DDoS Mitigation service with an ethos of a great insurance plan. Priced competitively per Gb on the connection, paid monthly and added with ease via a tick box on our online ordering portal, it has become a ‘no-brainer’ for companies operating online. With the monthly ‘insurance’ model working out cost-effective and avoiding the market-uniform tenfold amount as an emergency client, Voip Unlimited have continued their OPEX-friendly portfolio promise for Channel & Direct businesses.

Mark Pillow, MD of Voip Unlimited said: “As a company which places customer security and satisfaction at the heart of everything we do, we committed to launching DDoS Mitigation as an externally sellable product. We always ensure we offer the best of breed solutions and seeing VU Guard in excellence is technology at its finest. In a cyber-security world, DDoS mitigation is now as much a commodity as business’ buildings and contents insurance so that is the model we have based this on.

 Innovating ‘properly’ and ensuring reliability above all else is a motivation that’s driven us to be a ‘silent dragon’ in the industry – mainly an infrastructure provider for Channel partners alone, but with a product that is so key for businesses leaving themselves vulnerable, we have decided it’s time for the silent dragon to make some noise.”